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WELCOME TO Home with Wood - Furniture, Floors and Shelves

  • UK DIY Market
    The UK DIY Market continues to grow year on year with people doing bigger and bigger projects egged on by the numerous makeover shows on TV. The DIY and Garden Market is made of the following bathroom, furniture, decorating, window/floor covering, building materials, garden/leisure, hardware and lighting. The Market nearly doubled in the ten years between 1993 and 2003 from 8.7 billion to 16 billion pounds. The main players in the market are W Read More...
  • Use Your Local DIY Shop
    Need a DIY shop? Don't know where to look? Surprisingly a lot of people have a problem finding a local diy shop. With out of town diy superstores popping up all over the place, sometimes it can be hard to find a diy shop that is local to you. Somewhere that the staff not only know what they are talking about, but actually have an interest in diy and their own diy shop. While the larger out of town diy stores will carry a large range of heavy to Read More...
  • DIY Plumbing Repair: Finding Out How to Do the Job
    When you have plumbing problems, and need to get the plumbing fixed, you need DIY plumbing repair. However, if repairing your plumbing is not something that you know how to do yourself, you might be wondering how you can learn this. There are many places that you can learn how to fix your plumbing problems yourself and you will not have to rely on a contractor to come and do this job for you. More and more people everyday are starting to do their Read More...